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By Ina “Laughing Winds” Mlekush M.A. M.F.C.C
Sex Counselor A.A.S.E.C.T. Certified


Fireworks cannot happen in a 10 minute quickie unless you just met at a bar and the chemistry is flying. Then any good lover does not want it to be over that fast. It feel‘s too good, why rush it. A good lover will make it last for hours if not at least 30 – 45 minutes.

The first rule of thumb men is to bring your woman to an orgasm before you even think of jumping on. Waiting to feel the exquisite feelings of that first kissing of your manhood to her soft wet womanhood can actually wait. Building then backing off to build again allows your whole body and soul, not just your genitals, to awaken and pulse with the desire of the eventual fireworks.

If you are in an unfortunate relationship where one of you may say No at the “drop of a look” then I am sorry this is your love life. You can change it. You may need the help of a marriage/sex counselor. You do not need to live the rest of your life with this kind of painful relationship and almost non-existent sex life. Man or woman, it can happen to you. Your partner seldom desiring to make love or does not understand the importance of foreplay especially for women. And, if it is a good day, your attitude is, you better grab it before they change their mind. This does not make for Fireworks! That is… the kind you enjoy in bed. There can be lots of fireworks from anger and frustration. And that is not the pleasant sort.

I have been speaking to those who are in some kind of relationship. What about you men and women who are single for many reasons. For example; A relationship is too much bother. You do not want to get burned again. You are grieving the loss of a loved one. You are rejoicing the divorce and are enjoying being by yourself. Or you just can’t find the right one and actually too busy working to spend much time looking. What kind of Fireworks can you create in the bedroom this July? The month of Celebrating our Country’s Independence Day. Here are some suggestions. One “Get Laid” by a friend who would be delighted to share love and intimacy with you. It would be scary to ask, scary to admit you really need to be touched and loved and do it anyway. Fear is nothing more than a false shadow of doubt. Find your courage to ask and be pleased at the energy you gain from the courage you showed even if they say they will be out of town and so sorry they cannot help you out, this time! More options – buy a dvd of sensual erotic soft or hard porn, treat yourself and self-pleasure. Do not rush this. Take your time and make love with yourself, at least 20 to 30 minutes. You too can build and back off several times creating an intensity that can explode the top of your head off. Practice makes perfect. The more you practice with self-pleasuring in this format the more intense your orgasms can be.

Summer is in full swing in the month of July. What are your plans to stay cool, enjoying friends and family? What is on your bucket list to do or to repeat? There are things you love to do and do not do them often enough. Plan it, set the time aside and make yourself a priority. Include those you love and create memories together.

The country is remembering our Forefathers and the struggles they went through to create a Free Independent Nation. It is our responsibility to defend our Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Are you doing this on a daily basis or just working with your nose to the grind stone?

Life is meant to be celebrated every day of your life, in small and big ways. So big it takes your breath away to realize you have actually accomplished a dream. Ignite your Fire Works to express your talents, skills and abilities that you have taken for granted. You are far greater then what you ever you think yourself to be. Enjoy being a sacred sexual human being. Never stop being sexual and intimate with yourself or others. Living a long fruitful life is only as enjoyable as you allow it to be. Allow yourself to enjoy intimacy till your final breath. Have courage to be happy no matter what your circumstances. The events in your life are NOT YOUR LIFE. HOW you deal with them is your life.

Happy Birth of the United States. I invite you to have the courage to live your life with the freedom your forefathers and foremothers carved out of a wilderness and claimed it to be an Independent and Free country. It is now in your hands to live life fully and appreciating those who have given their last full measure to keep us free.


Ina “Laughing Winds” Mlekush
Marriage, Relationship & Sex Counselor
a.a.c.e.c.t. certified
Office 623-465-9151

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