The Qualities of a Fierce Gentleman: REDUX

By on June 3, 2017

Two years ago – in our August, 2015 issue – we introduced you to the concept known as a Fierce Gentleman. It was an extremely novel concept at the time, but we received a lot of positive feedback, and over the years have fielded quite a few questions from you about what it means to be a Fierce Gentleman. On the surface, the words fierce and gentleman mean someone who is a combination of being intense, vigorous, determined, strong, independent, courteous, gracious, and honorable. But beneath this, there is a much deeper meaning – and purpose – to being a Fierce Gentleman, which can actually be found in an official Manifesto.

This Manifesto belongs to an organization, founded by Andrew Long, whose singular purpose is to help anyone interested in becoming a Fierce Gentleman. There motto – ‘A Better Sort of Gentleman’ – is a goal apparently achieved by adhering to a set of principles set forth in their Manifesto; those principles, in turn, set forth the clearly discernible attributes and characteristics inherent in recognizing and becoming this different type of Gentleman. So in the interest of helping anyone wanting to know more about becoming a part of this new “culture of masculinity,” we once again offer you the salient characteristics of being a Fierce Gentleman (hereafter abbreviated as F.G.).

This is a type of man that takes care of his appearance – from the physical to the sartorial. An F.G. works to keep his physique in a fit and healthy condition, because he truly understands the principle that his body is the temple for his soul. And his manner of dress is an extension of this, as it cultivates and enhances a personal style of overall self-expression that reflects his attitude to everyone who comes across his path. Such a discipline means an F.G. never deviates from the excellence he has established for himself – consistently maintaining an appearance that is poised for success.

This is a type of individual who has learned to cultivate his inner wisdom, and, more importantly, has learned to follow it. Whether the F.G. views this inner wisdom as the Divine Being or Intuition or any other name is unimportant; the label makes no difference, because the essence of what he has achieved is absorbed throughout his being, and with an aura of palpable serenity, is expressed with every thought, word, and action. This mindset allows the F.G. to fully realize and use his innate creativity, which lends him an inexhaustible energy to pursue his most fervent goals and passions.

This is a man who understands that life is greater than himself – which means that he is consistently helpful, polite, considerate, and, most important, chivalrous. This is because an F.G. realizes that all things in life are meaningless without a deeper conviction. To that end, the F.G. pursues a path of service to and for others, with the understanding that his efforts in helping those around him will eventually lead to success. And there is no false modesty in his approach, because he knows that this is nothing more than a passive ego-gratification that will ultimately doom him to failure. This sort of understanding is immeasurable, because it gives the F.G. a tenured strength that can only be achieved through living by the courage of his convictions.

This is an individual who is firmly resolute in all areas of his life – with an unfaltering belief in himself. An F.G. sets the tone for his life by always being available and accommodating, but he is not pushover, and is never taken for granted. Since he lives and plays on the edge of his own terms, his awareness of what he can and cannot do keeps him from exceeding his own limits. So though he has chosen a path of service to and for others, he is comfortable with saying “No” to requests that are beyond his scope or to expectations that seem unreasonable. It is this unwavering acuity of thought and action that allows the F.G. to maintain the equilibrium essential to his integrity.

This individual of a man never ceases to evolve – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially, and socially. He understands that while still waters run deep, they invariably become stagnant, so he does not limit his freedom of movement by remaining self-contained. He seeks advice, solicits opinions, and enlists aid to achieve his desired goal, because he believes his energy should always be utilized in a focused manner. Such a pointed use of his energy allows the F.G. to achieve infinitely more in less time, providing him the essential measure of an accomplished presence.

So there you have – once again – the attributes and characteristics of what constitutes a Fierce Gentleman. Of course, many of these are also present in the average gentleman, but to have all of them fully developed in one individual is what makes an F. G. And while these attributes and characteristics are those belonging to a more enlightened man, make no mistake about the fact that an F.G. is not a person of milquetoast nature; in fact, a gentleman becomes fierce through the strength of his will commanding himself to be a better sort of person. This is an aura of such unmistakable energy that when encountering a Fierce Gentleman, the tenacity of his nature is never brought into question.

And though we barely touched on the traditional ways of the gentleman – opening doors for women, holding their seats, and standing when greeting them – these are every bit the part of being an F. G. as well. But even these behaviors are enhanced, because the F.G. performs these acts not from a position of supplication or polite respect, but from the viewpoint of a woman being a cherished equal. In essence, the Fierce Gentleman lives his life with a demeanor that inspires people around him – both men and women.

With that said, the true essence of being a Fierce Gentleman is best exemplified through a lifestyle being promulgated by a generation of men wanting to make and live in a better world – for themselves and others. These are men who are not sitting idly by waiting for society to effect a change; rather, they are actively taking matters into their own hands. These are men who are responsible for their own actions, and in taking command of their lives through the process of becoming a Fierce Gentleman, they hope to inspire others to follow their example. Personally, we can only commend and applaud these gentlemen for committing to such a bold action, and we trust that you believe the same … You can learn more about becoming a Fierce gentleman by going to, and reading their Manifesto.

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