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By on April 6, 2017

By Anastasia Prophete

Hey my beautiful people guess whose back with a workout to work you out! It’s your tiny trainer with a kick ass program to get that summer bod before summer hits. Today, we will be doing high repetitions and sets so let’s get it.

Let’s start with leg press; 10 x 10. Yes that’s right 10 sets of 10. You will start with either 1 plate of 10, 25 or 45lbs and go up a plate every set till you can’t hit 10 then work your way back down to either the first plate you started with or no plate.

Now we have elevated stiff legged deadlift (Romanian deadlift). You will be placing plates on the floor and standing on them with toes only on it. Balance is a key; tighten your core and chest up. Taking a comfortable dumb bell weight you will be performing as if it was a regular stiff leg deadlift except with more balance. Hmmm, 4 sets of 25 sound good to me.

Time for a little arm action. Front raise (while keep arms up) to lateral raise then back down. This is for sure very tiring considering you are doing two exercises in one so this will be 5 sets of 10-15. How are you feeling? Good, get some water if you need it then hit the floor.

Grab fairly light dumbbells because we are doing pushups with a row; 4 sets of 20-25. Mountain climbers are next with 4 sets of 25-50. Don’t look at me crazy! LOL.

Lat pulldown is next with two variations; wide and underhand wide. These will be 4 sets of 25. If you have a resistance band available tie it up and push around your waist. Have a stepper ready as well. Pull to tension and put one foot on the step and perform a static lunge; 4 sets of 25. If you want to make it difficult add a hop.

Last exercise, burpee walkdowns with a ball roll from side to side.

Well, we are done and you have survived. This gets you one step closer to your goals and that summer you’re aiming for. Till next time my friends.

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