The Common Traits of Authentic People

By on April 3, 2017

By Lucien Gunn

In our November issue, we brought you an article that spoke about the Incredible Sense of Being Authentic. And even though it was a slight departure from the usual fare we offer for your reading pleasure, we were pleasantly overwhelmed by the numerous and positive responses we received from you – our readers. The interest that you showed spurred us to do a bit more research on the topic of being authentic, and share with you some of the common traits associated with those people who continually strive to be honest and genuine in their everyday lives.

To begin, authentic people have little concern for whatever the current fashion, trend or fad happens to be, as they walk their own walk instead of following the crowd. Aside from being tactful and having social manners, they are the same person in every situation, no matter with who it is they spend time or what activity they happen to be doing; this allows them to be true to themselves at all times. And this is achieved from a specific mindset, guided by a set of principles that authentic people seem to share. So for those of you interested in learning to become more genuine and true to yourselves, we present you with the common traits associated with people who are truly authentic.

Indulge Your Curiosities
Be inquisitive about everything – from what people tell you to what you personally hear and see. Instead of taking things at face value, do your own research before deciding on what you believe, and strenuously avoid the urge or tendency to blindly follow what others – family, friends or acquaintances – say is “truth.” Always stay curious about yourself and others.

Speak Your Mind
While this can be a tricky proposition, at times, not expressing what you truly think, believe, and feel can have adverse consequences. Suppressing what you want to say, because of the reaction you may receive, will inhibit your ability to fully express your own truths – which is at the very core of being yourself. Strive to be consistent in always finding a way to express yourself openly and honestly.

Spend Time With Yourself
Taking the time to be alone with yourself is a powerful experience. Being constantly surrounded by other people, as well as the non-stop dissemination of news and opinions, can make it difficult to know what your own beliefs may actually be. Spending time with your own thoughts, feelings, and ideas allows you to get to know yourself – with yourself.

Not Everyone Will Like You
You will not like everyone you meet – for one reason or another – and the same holds true for people who meet you. And this holds especially true for those people who applaud your honesty – until it applies to them; then they will very likely have a different opinion about you. And that is more than okay, because it is impossible to have everyone like you. Just trust yourself in being yourself.

Know Your Motivation
This is a very important aspect of being authentic, and is something that you should do on a regular basis. Not knowing your proper motivation behind things that you do can cause you to think in ways that are non-productive, creating adverse thoughts and ideas. Be emphatic in making sure that your motivation is one that stays true to yourself, and is not ruled by the need for approval.

Trust Your Intuition
This is the simplest trait to follow, yet, is the one that is most overlooked. When something feels good or bad, there is a reason that more than likely has some truth to it. Your body has an instinctive intelligence that can sense when something is right or wrong; this is called a gut reaction or listening to your gut. Remember, when in doubt, there is no doubt.

Never Apologize for Being Yourself
This is the single most important trait that makes you truly authentic. Apologizing for what you think, and how you feel sends out the wrong message – not only to others, but to yourself; and that message is that something is wrong with you and needs to be fixed. Not conforming to the general consensus of thought and opinion does not make you broken, and apologizing will not mend you. You are the person you were born to be, so be who you are.

In looking over these common traits shared by authentic people, none of them seem extraordinary in their approach; in fact, all of these traits have a very down-to-earth appeal that seems almost folksy. Yet, this very simplicity is exactly what makes these traits so efficaciously sublime. This begs the question, then, as to why more people are not more authentic. There are probably several reasons for this, but when all is said and done, it really comes down to just one – fear; fear of what others will think of you based on what you say or believe; fear that others will not like or accept you for doing or not doing something; and the list goes on.

In the final analysis, however, fear falls under the category of being a four-letter word – which you can choose to act on as you see fit. For instance, you can Forget Everything And Run – or – you can Face Everything And Rise. Granted, we can easily be accused of using trite acronyms to make a point; but seeing as how these traits make the case for simplicity being the best approach to life – if the shoe fits, wear it. So all you have to do, really, is make a simple decision: allow fear to control you by stifling your personal growth – or – use fear in growing to become a better person. If you choose the latter, and we believe you do because you are reading this, then start incorporating these common traits into your life to become a more authentic person. And start being yourself.

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