Top Five Sexiest Cities in America

By on January 3, 2018

Story by Lucien Gunn

We came across some interesting information about a survey conducted by Playboy Magazine; they ranked 25 U.S. cities by a variety of factors, and came up with a result that gives us the Top Five Sexiest Cities in America. Intrigued? So were we…

First, Playboy worked with SurveyMonkey on two customized polls that ranked the cities according to a general living basis, as well as on the overall attitudes and lifestyles of the population. Then, they partnered with NerdWallet in creating a Nightlife Index based on the number of bars, restaurants, and other entertainment per the number of residents, along with an ease of walkability/accessibility/transportation factor. When all the information was combined, the results revealed some interesting preferences and predilections of the people living in these sexy cities. And to make it even more fun, we decided to present the results ‘pageant style’ – starting with the fourth runner-up.

San Francisco … Coming in at number five, this city has all the necessary ingredients for living a sexy life. The urban sophistication of this densely-populated city, highlighted with an abundant and varied nightlife, and nestled in a beautiful setting is what gives San Francisco its high ranking. In addition, being pedestrian and biker-friendly makes it easy to get around this intimate city, which adds to it having the fittest population. And as far as the dating market is concerned, well, sorry guys, but it definitely favors ladies, with 116 single men for every 100 women. That being said, San Francisco does lead all five cities in quality of sex – as in frequency of orgasms.

Miami … Sun, sand, and surf gives this fourth-ranked city all the right ingredients for steamy encounters – on or off the beach. In fact, Miami leads all five cities in mixing business with pleasure, with 46 percent of the people having some type of sexual tryst with a co-worker. This helps to account for Miami enjoying the most sex of all the cities at 160 encounters per year, as well as the longest sex sessions at 35 minutes. And bad weather or location is not an issue, either, as 27 percent of the population has enjoyed sex during a hurricane, and 75 percent enjoy car sex. So no matter the occasion, weather or location, it seems that nothing keeps Miami from enjoying sex.

Chicago … So how did such a sports-crazy city come in at number three? Well, there’s more to this bustling city than da Bears, Cubs, and Bulls. Aside from great architecture and major museums, Chicago has a lot of walkable neighborhoods that have a high density of bars, restaurants, dives, blues joints, shops, and galleries. This attracts young professionals who are drawn to a nightlife scene that allows them to more easily mingle, socialize, and hook up – which really drives up the sexy factor. In addition, Chicago was once a major stop on the burlesque circuit, and there are still nearly a dozen venues showcasing feathers-and-fan acts. Talk about our kind of town.

Los Angeles … A reputation for blondes, beaches, and bars makes this town a tough one to beat. But despite having a higher number of restaurants, lounges, and entertainment venues per 1,000 residents, Los Angeles is ranked second, because of a low walkability factor in a sprawling metropolis designed for the automobile. The City of Angels also has the least kinky population, with fewer than 20 percent venturing into the Fifty Shades of Grey area. What people from L.A. do enjoy, however, is cheating on their spouses. According to Ashley Madison, more than half a million people in this funky town enjoy the excitement of forbidden sex in discreet hideaway locations.

New York … This is the sexiest city in America. Why? Well, it has the best variety of nightlife, with thousands of bars, clubs, restaurants, and other entertainment in numerous walkable neighborhoods that are linked by a thick web of subways and taxis. This makes the possibility of frequent and convenient trysts more likely than any other city. The sex is said to be prime quality, as well, with a frequency that averages 138 times per year. And more than any other city, New Yorkers have a high penchant for activities that have a touch of the forbidden – almost two thirds of the population are open to kinky experimentation, and almost a quarter into BDSM. What a wonderful town.

As this was a survey of 25 cities, there was an extensive amount of information that was gathered. And after sifting through the data, we thought it would be fun to share a few interesting facts about some of the cities that fell short of making into the top five.

· Portland has more strip clubs and bars with happy hours than any other city listed, and is the only city where people list casual sex as a profile option on dating sites.

· Dallas has the youngest mistresses of all the cities – averaging 28 years of age – as well as the highest number of women who fake orgasms at 47 percent.

· Austin was named the most sex-happy city based on sex toy and condom sales, birth rates, and instances of STDs (because nothing says “happy” more than an STD?).

· Atlanta residents spend more per capita on pleasure products than any other city, with the Silver Bullet vibrator 2.0, and Adam & Eve lube being the top sellers.

· Phoenix has the highest rate of women – 33 percent – on the prowl for someone else’s husband, as well as mistresses who average five partners per year.

· Houston residents also enjoy their sex toys, accounting for nearly 80 percent as much in sales as New York, despite having only one third of the population.

So now we all know the Top Five Sexiest Cities in America, which actually comes as no surprise based on the criteria. Any location that has a large collection of bars, clubs, etc. in a concentrated area, with an ease of access by foot, taxi or otherwise, is going to be a draw for a lot of people, and provide the setting for almost anything to happen – just look at the scene for college campuses. Nevertheless, there are some interesting facts that came from the survey, and it gives us more than just a glimpse into the mindset of the people who live in those cities. So keep this information in mind the next time you decide to visit one of these cities, because it just might help you have a truly memorable experience – even without Ashley Madison as your companion.

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