It’s Not Justice, It’s ‘The System’

By on November 5, 2017

Written By: Black One

Understanding the United States Federal Justice System is a lofty goal. One literally needs a master degree in law in order to comprehend the complex intricacies of the court system. One thing is certain, not everyone gets a fair shake.

With over 300 million people living in this country, it is impossible to assume that there isn’t a degree of separation when it comes those who seek justice and those that receive it. From police brutality and massive minimum sentencing for minor or nonviolent infractions, to racial profiling and unjust murders by the hands of those sworn to protect us, the list of corruption and unethical methods runs infinite. When you look at psychological aspects of this, you tend to find a complicated web of influences, personal beliefs, backgrounds and palettes all molding into permanent canvas that effect our very way of life. Directed by Irin Daniels, The System acts as a dramatic thought piece, diving into the hidden layers behind some of the societies’ most prevalent issues and the justice system that coincide with them.

Told from multiple angles, The System focuses mainly on the story of Nate (Reginal Kennedy) whose deaf son is unjustly murdered at the hands of PTSD inflicted police officer, Sam (Owen Conway). The events intertwine lives with permanent consequences as Daniels makes a point to show perspectives from both sides of the issue. Written by Daniels himself, the film draws from his own personal experiences, acting as an emblem for Black Americans living and surviving in this country. Poignant and timely, The System is looking to influence minds and hearts with its brutal honesty and realistic scenarios.

Shot entirely in Arizona, Irin Daniels not only makes a message about the state of American but also sheds light on the talent that Arizona has to offer. Look for the further announcements on the release and check out the official trailer at

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