Isaiah and Trap, ‘Oxygen to Fly’

By on November 6, 2017

Written By: Jaron Ikner

In this day and age, everyone has the ability to speak. From smart phones and internet, to social
media and text messages.
When looking at the entire existence of human evolution, this is just arecent development and one that is often taken for granted nowadays. With that in mind, what does it mean to have a voice?

To many, the idea of a voice is a simple flapping of our vocal chords to create sound, but to others, having a voice is a little different.

A voice goes beyond words, it can change livesand make an impact. However, in the times we live in, we have seen powerful voices influence hate andracism, causing rise to unrest in this country. When it is used correctly, it can build communities, spreadawareness and inspire those to be great.

When it comes to 17 year old Isaiah Acosta, the question arises:
How does one without the ability to speak manage to use a voice to help inspire others and leave a mark on the world?

Born with Situs Inversus, a condition that causes one to be born without a jaw, Isaiah communicates via sign language and text. Despite his inability to speak, he still carries a massive passion
for hip hop music.

When it comes to fully partaking in the creation process, the obvious complication is clear as Isaiah’s lack of vocal chords makes it impossible to vocalize his lyrics, something that is
necessary in the soundscape of rap.

This is where well known Phoenix hip hop artist, Trap House, steps in. With assistance from the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals , Trap House volunteered his time to help Isaiah finally see his dream through. Offering to act as a vessel to Isaiah, the two hit the studio to make some music, with Trap House voicing Isaiah’s lyrics. The end result, Oxygen to Fly.

The heartfelt song features positive and uplifting lyrics as Trap acts a conduit for Isaiah’s pen.
With lyrics like “I could of died but I’m still here” shows Isaiah’s humility and he is thankful for the life he has lived despite his condition.

Trap House does an excellent job of bringing Isaiah’s lyrics to life and a powerful chorus by J Melo acts as the perfect bow to the package.

With appearances and coverage from the likes of SXSW and CNN, Oxygen to Fly is touching the
hearts of millions across the world, as Isaiah is finally able to have his voice heard. Proceeds from the song will be donated to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in hopes of helping other amazing children manifest their dreams.

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