What The Meal?

By on August 7, 2017

Hello my ravishing babes it’s me, your tiny trainer, with something a little different today.

Cheat meals.

Cheat meals and dieting. Have you ever been on a diet and was craving a burger, pizza or even a piece of cake? You know you have these cravings. Many reasons; boredom, emotional or because of trigger moments. One thing that is important is never stop cold turkey. You have to slowly change eating habits by replacing it with healthier options. For example, a craving for something salty. Instead of getting a bag of chips you reach for some nuts. Just like when you want something sweet like cookie or ice cream grab a piece of fruit. Smart shopping is great on your pockets and your body. You are what you buy; remember that. Buy smart and eat lean. Whole grains, fruits, green leafy veggies and lean meats or if vegan no meats and dairy free options.

I know we are all busy people but when you want to feel better and do better its important to know nutrition is key. Alright my healthy babies its time to chug down that water and get moving.

Love you guys,
Your Trainer

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