20 Shagalicious Sexual Facts You Never Knew

By on July 3, 2017

By Lucien Gunn


Readers of our Magazine know that we are always bringing you stories that are fun, informative or sometimes both; well, this month is no exception. And since we thoroughly enjoy all matters related to sex, it only makes sense that the majority of these stories are sexual in nature. So when we recently came across some rather interesting and entertaining sexual information, we could only think about passing it along for you to enjoy as well; and some of that information is rather enlightening.

For instance, ever wonder how many people are having sex at any given moment? How about how many calories a measure of semen contains? Or when do strippers actually make the most money? If these and other burning questions are keeping you awake at night – like it did for us – then you owe it to yourself to learn those answers once and for all. So to help quell the unrest caused by these and other vexing questions, we offer a small sampling of the fun facts that caught our interest, and we think will catch your interest as well … Oh, Behave!

1. There are at least 100 million acts of sexual intercourse each day. In other words, roughly 65,000 couples are having sex at this moment (except for everyone reading this).

2. According to researchers at the University of Quebec, having sex counts as moderate exercise – burning 100 – 200 calories per session (one and thrust and two and thrust).

3. Speaking of university, it seems that women who have attended an institution of higher learning are more likely to engage in anal sex (and not just anatomy majors).

4. For both men and women, having regular sex helps to improve your sleep cycle, lower your blood pressure, and ease stress; additionally, it also helps to lower a woman’s risk of heart disease, stroke, breast cancer, and depression (so have sex and get happy).

5. The typical person spends about 600 hours having sex between the ages of 20 and 70 (that breaks down to only 12 hours per year or only 1 hour per month!)

6. Spending time in the sun increases the levels of Vitamin D in the body; for men, this boosts the hormone testosterone, thereby increasing libido (see number 5).

7. Research has indicated that complete sexual inactivity may actually lead to a reduction in penis size (see numbers 5 and 6).

8. And speaking of penis size, American Jonah Falcon is said to have the world’s largest penis at 9.5 inches when flaccid and 13.5 inches when erect (we have no words).

9. University of California researchers found that men who helped with the housework enjoyed 50% more sex than those who did no housework at all (we just want to know if that actually counts as foreplay?).

10. The global research site, OnePoll.com, reports that women believe Spain, Brazil and Italy produce the best male lovers (Ole, Baby!).

11. According to Dutch researchers, the part of the brain involved with fear and anxiety – the amygdala – shuts down during a woman’s orgasm (so that brain mush is legit).

12. Sex makes a woman’s skin glow and her hair shinier, because of all the extra estrogen it causes her body to produce (forget about those creams and conditioners).

13. Research indicates that a woman’s lips are a visible expression of her health and fertility; the higher her estrogen levels, the fuller her lips – making her more attractive to men (“just want … your kiss”).

14. One teaspoon of semen contains 300 million sperm, which ejaculates at 28 mph, and can live in a woman’s body for a week (true ninjas in waiting).

15. As far as nutrition is concerned, one teaspoon of semen contains 200 different proteins, and has only seven (7) calories (the original lo-cal, lo-carb supplement).

16. And from a topical viewpoint, the proteins in sperm give it anti-wrinkle properties when rubbed into the skin (that was the real Something About Mary).

17. Studies claim that the highest number of orgasms experienced by a woman in one hour is 134 – or 2.23 per minute; the same studies also show that the highest number of orgasms experienced by a man in one hour is 16 (how is either one possible!?).

18. Studies have proven that one testicle hangs slightly lower than the other so they avoid striking each other when a man is moving (truly intelligent design).

19. A woman has twice as many nerve endings on her clitoris than a man has on his entire penis (how is that fair?).

20. Several studies have concluded that strippers earn more money when they ovulate, because of the sexually-stimulating pheromones they release at that stage of their menstrual cycle (Got Money).

And there you have 20 Shagalicious Sexual Facts You Never Knew. And if these facts piqued your curiosity, then we strongly recommend that you look for more of this information in Sex: 369 Facts To Blow You Away by Sadie Cayman. This book contains a plethora of sexual information that ranges from the ridiculous to the sublime, and is guaranteed to amuse and bemuse, as well as inform. As evidenced from the small sampling we offered for your edification, Sadie’s book is sure to satisfy everything that any inquiring mind would ever want to know about sex… Groovy, Baby!

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