Why She Loves Going Down On You

By on May 3, 2017

By Lucien Gunn

As many of our readers know, we truly enjoy any sort of research that relates to sex – and sharing that information with you.  Sometimes that research is fun and amusing, other times it seems a bit off-kilter, and other times it can be downright dry or clinical.  But no matter the course of the study, the information is always fascinating, interesting or enlightening; and we come away with a better understanding about a subject that is near and dear to our (ahem) hearts.  But just when we thought we had seen every type of research out there, along comes a study that is even more near and dear to us.

Gentlemen, today is your lucky day, because we recently ran across a sort of informal study in Maxim that not only grabbed our attention, but made us very happy in the process. And we firmly believe that it will make you happy as well; in fact, it will literally make your day. Researched and written by a woman named, Cara Hessels, this little-known opinion study explains the reasons why women enjoy performing oral sex. No, gentlemen, that is not a misprint. So just sit back, relax, and allow us – through Cara – to explain the reasons why women actually love going down on guys.

Women like to be in control
There are very few things hotter than being in control in the bedroom – or the living room or the kitchen or even the car. With oral sex, a man’s satisfaction is literally and figuratively in the palms of a woman’s, uh, hands. In this scenario, women are definitely in the driver’s seat, giving them an immeasurable amount of power and responsibility – which is something that makes them feel very sexy.

Women are turned on by us
This may sound somewhat narcissistic, but it comes from a woman’s perspective. And that perspective is one where women are getting turned on while watching us get turned on. Our obviously positive reaction to their efforts and actions makes them feel good about themselves, and causes them to want more. In essence, gentlemen, our pleasure becomes their pleasure – and that is hot.

Women like foreplay
This is an activity that is essential to getting most women in the mood, and, truth be told, getting men in the mood as well. After all, what better way to get things flowing than to make sure that a man is at his happiest? A solid erection is absolutely essential to having great sex, and most women will do their utmost best to get a man to where he needs to be – so a woman can get to where she wants to be.

Women like reciprocity
As the expression goes, “I scratch your back and you scratch mine.” The only difference is that in this situation, a woman’s “back” happens to be located in her vagina. This means that after a woman has taken the time to thoroughly please you, a man should have the common courtesy to return the favor; not only is it the right thing to do, it shows you have good manners.

Women get the job done
This has more to do with efficiency than it has to do with proficiency. Despite the urgings of men, there are times when women are simply too tired to have sex. In this situation, rather than create an atmosphere of frustration for both of them, a woman will get straight to the point, and make the man finish. He is happily satisfied, and she gets to enjoy her sleep – a true win-win situation.

Obviously, the information Cara provided is predicated on a woman truly caring for her man; otherwise, it would be a less than pleasurable experience for her.  After all, if a woman wants to go down on you, then she must really think you to be fairly awesome – and that is a good thing.  So although we have no idea where Cara got her information or how she (ahem) conducted her research, we have to say that we thoroughly enjoy the results of her opinion study; and how we wish that we were part of the research team.  And because this just so happens to be one of the best opinion studies we have ever come across, all we can add to that is, “Thank you, Cara!”

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