Let’s Get Functional!

By on September 18, 2016

Hey my swollmates guess who is back with another sweat busting workout; yup me your tiny coach ready to kick ass.

Reminder: All exercise we will be doing 3 rounds of!

Ok, so we are going to use your body weight to your disadvantage today! Let’s get functional! Go grab a kettle bell preferably moderate weight. Got it? Good, grab the kettle bell and get into a basic squat position. Hold the kettle bell in the palm of your hand right in front of you. You can either palm it through the loop of loop facing up. Drop down into a 90° and you are going to pulse for 20. Down and lift up slightly then back down; GO! Super set with lunges with you holding  the kettle underneath your front leg. Again pulse for 20 then switch legs.

Hearts elevated? Okay great. Now put the kettle bell down. Get into a squat again the lunge back and go back into a squat then lunge back with the opposite leg. Make sure to keep your booty down; 20 each leg. Super set with jump squats 20-30 this time.

Ok, break…break’s over. Get into a plank position on your hands now jump into a squat (its half of a burpee). For a modified version bring one leg in then the other and get up slowly. KEEP that BOOTY DOWN ya’ll. Guess how many; 20 lol. Superset with plank jacks. It is a plank with you jumping in an out with your legs like a jumping jack.

Alright, time to find a TRX band. You know the yellow and black bands that hang from equipment?  Yea, those…we’re going to be using that. You are going to get into a plank position with your feet through the handles. Make sure your feet are secured because we’re doing mountain climbers. So get into a plank then bring your knees to your chest one leg then the other. Superset with planks elbows to hands. Yes 20 for each exercise. I know I know it burns yes it hurts but you’ll thank me later.

Are you finished? Good because you survived the workout Yaaay!!!

Get some water and aminos as well as a meal or protein shake.

Bye my buff babies

Tiny fit coach

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