The Fifteen Strangest Internet Dating Sites

By on February 29, 2016

Story by Lucien Gunn


In this age of at-your-fingertips instant access to everything, dating requires quite a bit of diligence – even more so, perhaps, because of technology. The proliferation of internet dating sites over the past ten years has fostered a real need in being careful about the information being given and received – as Ashley Madison recently proved. But aside from the perils of placing one’s personal data within the public domain, there is also the process of sifting through all the information to find that truly compatible someone – which is why specific dating sites have found a niche.

There are sites strictly for long-term relationships, dating and marriage, sites for casual sex, sites for people of height, weight, size, and shape, sites for people with fetishes, and the list goes on. So with such a wide range of categories, we became a bit curious to see exactly how specific some of these sites could be. After all, they can go only so far – right? Well, we were right on that one, except that for quite a few of the sites, we found that “only so far” went a lot farther than we ever thought possible.

Gluten Free Singles This is a site where couples will never have to worry about where or what to eat on a date, as well as not being alone at a party when constantly reminding everyone – in stereo – that they do not eat gluten. Oh joy.

Farmers Want A Wife A direct and straightforward site without any pretense. No time for making hay with these farmers, ladies, because they have to get right to work plowing that field and planting those seeds.

Fat Bastard Dating We know, we thought this was a site for people who loved the Austin Powers character also! But no such luck. This is actually a site for people who have absolutely no desire to improve anything about their physical appearance – which just goes to show that there really is someone for everyone.

Paranormal Mingle Performing seances, playing with Ouija boards, and exploring haunted houses – this is a site for those creepy and kooky Addams Family types who love to hang with Casper and his spectral homies.

Prescription4Love No, this is not a site for pharmacists – or for people looking to trade prescription medication. This is a site for people to meet and date, who have similar and specific health conditions. “So, what do you say, baby, your dialysis or mine?”

DiaperMates At first glance, it would be fair to guess that this is a site designed for the elderly – right? Wrong, because this is a site for people who love wearing diapers (yes, diapers), so they can meet and – change each others diapers? Talk about a messy relationship; then again, it all depends.

DateMyPet Thankfully, this did not turn out to be some sort of kinky bestiality site. Instead, this is a site where loving someone’s pet as much as she/he does is a prerequisite to dating – seriously. We just wonder what happens when the pet dies.

SaladMatch Believe it or not, this is a site for people who really love salads – all kinds of salads – and are looking for that special salad soul mate. What a letdown – here we thought it had to do with finding someone who liked to toss salads.

Love Horse We were a bit leery when we first saw this site, because we thought it might be a site for people who wanted to date horses. And as it turns out, we were not too far off, as it happens to be a site for those people who are completely obsessed with horses. Can anyone say Katherine the Great?

Scientific Singles This is a site for scientists, science hobbyists, and science enthusiasts to chat and meet. We just wonder who actually gets enthused enough about science to do it as a hobby. We also want to know if DNA testing is a prerequisite to dating.

Star Trek Dating This is a site that dares to go where no site has gone before – in finding that special someone to live long with and prosper. Personally, we think the green-skinned chicks are the hottest. Just saying.

Hot Sauce Passions So here we have a site where the spice of the entire relationship is actually based on a condiment – literally making two people a ‘hot’ couple. “So what’s it going to be tonight, baby, jalapeno, chipotle or habanero?” Just make sure to thoroughly rinse your mouth of any lingering flavors before having oral sex.

Date A Granny At first glance, we thought this was a totally gnarly porn site starring Paula Dean – granny panties and all. Instead, this is a site that no one, and we mean no one, should ever be curious enough to visit. Trust us.

Dead Meet We were totally afraid to look at this site, at first, because we thought it might have to do with people loving the dead. Thankfully, this is actually a site for people who work in the field that involves death – like morticians and coroners – to meet and date each other. Just imagine the conversations.
Ghost Singles We know it sounds crazy, but this is an actual site designed specifically to help ghosts find other spirits to chat, meet, and eventually date. Dead serious.

These are all legitimate dating sites, and definitely some of the strangest ones we have ever seen – or will ever want to see. And we actually left out a few of the other sites we came across: Purrsonals – for those people who really love their pussy cats; The Atlasphere – for all the 31,000 members who are enthralled with the writings of Ayn Rand (we have no idea either); and Ninja Passions – we were unclear as to who this site is actually for, because to our knowledge, ninjas are supposed to be a secret society. Anyway, we really tried to be as witty and humorous about these sites as we could, but they seem to actually do a pretty good job of doing that for themselves. In fact, when we first found these sites, they left us practically speechless, especially the last site; it was the final punctuation mark that said we were done – definitely done.

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