Best Sex Study Ever!

By on May 2, 2015

In the last year, Quest has reported on studies that show how engaging in regular and consistent sex can actually improve the quality of your life – our 2014 issues of May (One And Thrust And Two And Thrust) and August (5 Important Benefits To having Sex). And as much as these studies emphatically extolled the virtues of a healthy sex life, they pale in comparison to the findings of what three separate studies have recently reported: sex can actually make you smarter. That is the comprehensive – and surprising – conclusion arrived at by researchers from the University of Maryland in the U.S., Konkuk University in South Korea, and the University of Pavia in Italy. And while most researchers compete to be the first in sharing their results with the world, these three studies actually served to corroborate each other to form a shared finding. At the University of Maryland, researchers achieved results strongly suggesting that regular sexual activity increases intelligence, because the brain cells are flooded with oxygen during the physical act of sex, creating a ‘fertile ground’ for neural expansion within the area of the brain known as the hippocampus; this is the part of the brain responsible for the formation of long-term memory. These results were subsequently strengthened by the closely-related study conducted at Konkuk University. The Korean researchers concluded that engaging in regular sexual activity appears to increase intellectual functions, because the increased flow of blood during sex acts as a buffer for the newly-created neurons in the hippocampal region, enhancing their survival; the increased blood flow also cushions against the memory-deterring functions caused by extreme stress. And to add more proof to the (proverbial) pudding, both these findings were substantiated by the study conducted at the University of Pavia. The Italian researchers promulgated results showing that having sex on a regular basis raises intelligence levels, because it actually increases the growth of nerves within the area of the brain directly connected to the states of heightened alertness and memory retention; this seemed especially true for couples who had just fallen in love, as blood levels showed considerably higher degrees of nerve growth … Amazing. It seems nothing short of phenomenal that three different research teams from across the globe, working independently of each other, achieved a consensus from their individual studies showing the intellectual benefits of maintaining a sexually active life. As the erstwhile expression goes, “Ain’t that a kick?” And in this world of constant and overwhelming change, where there never seems to be a shortage of things claiming to ‘kick’ our memory and cognitive performance into high gear – from gingko bilboa, to smelling rosemary, to listening to Classical music – we, at Quest, firmly believe that living a healthy life with an ample amount of regular sex definitely seems the most beneficial – as well as the most fun.

by: Lucien “Lucky” Gunn

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